After the abundant success of Bunga Bunga in Battersea, BungaTINI opened in Covent Garden.

As I stepped into BungaTINI I was greeted by the smell of Italy and the sound of happy eaters. Upstairs had a different kind of atmosphere, with ambient lighting and flowers sprawled across the walls – did someone say date night?

And what’s date night without a gorgeous girl on your arm? Yes, I am talking about their famous cocktail, Sophia Loren. Loaded with Gin and passion fruit, it’s classy and glamorous and definitely one to try.


Sophia Loren – Bombay Sapphire gin, Aperol, Passion fruit juice, Agave syrup, Fresh lime juice and Aperol foam.

And how can the heart be happy if the stomach isn’t you ask? Don’t worry, BungaTINI’s got this. From Antipasto to Pizza to Desserts, BungaTINI is bringing the heart of Italy to your plates. My personal favourite was their Piccante wood-fired pizza, which is loaded with N’duja sausage, Calabrese salami and ricotta, all baked on their homemade sour-dough base – Simply delicious.


Piccante Pizza – Tomato, Mozzarella, N’duja, Ricotta, Calabrese salami & Cherry tomatoes (I asked for mine without tomatoes)

And the fun didn’t stop there, whilst visiting BungaTINI I had the pleasure of meeting head chef Andrea Pesenti. Andrea hails from Verona, Italy where he has been working with food since aged 13. Being a waiter in his uncle’s restaurant and cooking at school was how his passion in food truly developed.

At age 19 he decided to move to London and pursue his passion. After all, he did bring the secrets of Verona with him. Intrigued? So was I! Verona famously known for its prestigious rice festival, Fiera Del Riso – Andrea assured me his best dish is his risotto! The confidence won me over!

Whilst I didn’t eat risotto this time, Andrea did make me a special off-menu dessert (it was like my birthday came early) …presenting a hot panettone soaked in orange liqueur served with pistachio ice cream!! GUYS!! I was in love! A perfect winter dessert to round off a great meal. Perhaps BungaTINI can put this on their permanent menu as it would be something I would order again and again. Let’s call it the Kinna?


The special dessert 🙂

Thank you Andrea and the BungaTINI team – I will be back very soon!

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