Gyoza Bar

Top four answers…we asked a 100 people to name types of Japanese food…

*Buzzer* …Sushi…

And our survey says….

Okay so this is not Family Fortunes however, my point is that when people think of Japanese food their first thought is always sushi. After that it would be ramen or bao buns. Whilst I absolutely adore all of these, another thing which I love to eat at Japanese Restaurants is gyoza!

Usually served as an appetiser or side dish, gyoza are taking centre stage at Gyoza Bar (GB) in Covent Garden!

With a variety of flavours on offer, freshly prepared and cooked on a grill flown in from Japan (how cool?!) they ooze authenticity and led me to order chicken gyoza yakimono, which is flavoured with garlic vinegar and umami soy, they were delightful.


Chicken gyoza yakimono – Pan fried gyoza, garlic vinegar, umami soy

And for those who don’t think they can make a meal from just gyoza, don’t worry GB also offers ramen and bao buns!

I had the pleasure of meeting head chef, Ray, who is also the head chef of Japanese restaurant Murakami next door. Ray has been a chef for the past 13 years, cooking is something he has always been passionate about and this stems from both his parents in particular his father who is an excellent cook.

Ray prepared vegetable and beef gyoza for us. The vegetable gyoza is a fusion dish which is served with avocado salsa. GB is known to create different palatable experiences for their customers – I loved the use of avocado. The video below shows both of these being made as well details on their new menu, an exclusive for Forking Around With Food.

Whilst the gyoza were tasty, I also sampled their pulled pork bao bun.  I have to say I think the pulled pork bun was one of my favourites of the night; the sweetness of the bbq sauce complemented the dish well and is something I would definitely order again.


Pulled pork bun – Pulled bbq pork served with roasted peanut

And how is a night complete without ramen you ask?! Frankly, it isn’t. Well it used to be for me, as I rarely used to order ramen at restaurants. GB’s pork ramens were appetising and well-cooked, however I found me and my companion often reaching for their chilli and salt mix to add that extra punch we craved for in this dish.


Char Siu Ramen – Served with Japanese char siu pork, shoyu tamago, spring onion, broccoli stem, beansprout

Ending the night on my favourite topic…dessert! For those of you who know me, know that dessert is a very important aspect of my meal, scratch that – a very important aspect of my life. And in true Kinna fashion, dessert was something I just had to try at GB. GB offers three desserts, blueberry cheesecake, matcha cheesecake and crispy fried ice cream with maple syrup. I got to try two of the desserts (blueberry cheesecake and ice cream) and was disappointed. The cheesecake had a strong taste and wasn’t as sweet as I would expect a cheesecake to be. The ice cream was pleasant but the batter didn’t add anything and the addition of maple syrup was unrecognisable. To be honest I wished I had ordered more gyoza or bao buns (pulled pork one was great!) instead of dessert.


Blueberry Japanese cheesecake


Crispy fried ice-cream with maple syrup

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Ray and his team at Gyoza Bar for an enjoyable experience and for the chance to see the action in the kitchen! And thank you to my director and fellow eater, Ricky, for being awesome with the camera.


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