#atch Waffles

One of life’s greatest mysteries is knowing what came first, the chicken or the egg? Now I don’t know about life but in Soho its definitely the egg.

Nestled in Moor Street is #atch Waffles. No this isn’t a typo, the ‘H’ in Hatch has been substituted for a ‘#’, apart from the symbol’s physical resemblance to the letter, it also earmarks the lines of a traditional Belgian waffle. Not to mention a clever marketing strategy for social media.


#atch serves delicious egg waffles or 鷄蛋仔 (this translates into little eggs from Cantonese) which is a popular street food snack dating back since the 1950s! Traditionally it is served warm and plain in brown paper bags, but at #atch they’ve been elevated to be filled with ice cream and various other treats.

The team behind #atch Waffles, many of whom have roots in Hong Kong, wanted to bring the taste of their home to London. Not only do they love seeing the joy their waffles bring to those who already know of them, they also warmly welcome newcomers and hope to share a little bit Hong Kong with you in the form of a tasty dessert.

At present, Hatch Waffles do four flavours, Classica Strawberry, Matcha Madness, Tropical Chocolate and Sausage Party (Savoury). Below is a video of one of the waffles being put together. A massive thank you to Faith and Waclaw for helping me take this video.

Due to my hate of coconut, I opted for the Classic Strawberry. An original recipe waffle with a scoop of strawberry ice cream, topped off with strawberry sauce, sprinkles and a chocolate wafer roll. Loved it! Be warned that your waffle may become soggy as you get to the bottom because of the melting ice cream but this isn’t enough to deter me away. In fact, I think I have a penchant for this because of it’s immersion in all that strawberry. 🙂


Classic Strawberry

Finally, my only concern at #atch Waffles is my desire for more flavours! With a limited menu there seems to be an obvious yearn to see more – however, #atch have told me that they may work on more flavours in the near future. So watch this space!


Tropical Chocolate



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