It’s been a little while since I last posted and I will apologise! It has been a hectic couple of weeks! But I’m hoping that the built up anticipation of a new review will prove to be fruitful. Nevertheless, I am here, prepped and ready to put pen to paper (well technically fingers to keyboard 😉) and fill you in on a new firm favourite of mine!

Today I want to talk to you guys about Mexican food! Mexican cuisine is one of my favourites, from soft tortillas to delicately spiced meats to fresh guacamole! I simply cannot get enough. Regardless of this desire, I always felt as if I had to suffer. Finding an authentic Mexican restaurant here in London would be somewhat of a struggle. All I would ever see are conspicuous high street chains which simply lacked originality and pizzazz.

And then I went to Mestizo…

Situated in the unlikely location of Euston Square is this gem of a restaurant. I will admit that whilst walking to Mestizo I did think that we were lost, as this establishment does seem to be a grade above it’s surroundings.

The name Mestizo suggests “mezcla” or “fusion”, a term that was utilised principally to designate the descendants of indigenous Mexicans with Spaniards.

In 2004, Mestizo was born out of the love of food by a group of Mexicans who wanted to bring the taste of their homes to London. Foodies by passion, they wanted to share the dishes of their country with you all.

And it’s not just the food they wish to share, Mestizo is also a Tequila bar! And in true Mexican fashion, we opted for one of their notorious margaritas. With salt and sweet on offer, I naturally went for the delectable mango flavour whilst my companion had the ginger. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

FullSizeRender (2)

Ginger and Mango Margarita

Now on to the food…to start we had Jaladas, fresh jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese then breaded and deep fried! I love almost anything deep fried and this was another to add to the list! These little gems were perfectly completed by the cilantro salsa on offer.



We also tried an obvious crowd pleaser, chicken toastada. Crispy toastada topped with chicken, refried beans and salad. Then smothered with avocado, salsa verde, sour cream and quest fresco ranchero! One world – delicious!!


Chicken Toastada

And what would Mexican food be without tacos? Mestizo offers a variety of tacos, as I read down the menu it was clear that it was going to be a struggle to pick one! Each one sounded as tantalising as its previous! We finally settled on the Conchinta Pibil! I wanted to try something I haven’t had before and the Conchinta Pibil definitely fitted the bill! Melt in your mouth pork cooked in an orange and achiote sauce served with marinated red onion. I was pleasantly surprised by this, the orange provided great sweet notes to an otherwise smokey sauce and when I added the onions in my taco the flavours just mingled together so well – the onions are definitely needed.


Conchita Pibil


Conchita Pibil

Finally, for mains I had their famous Molcajete! Something I was dying to try!! Molcajete is Mestizo’s speciality dish of beef or chicken (we had chicken) served in a volcanic stone bowl with cheese, chorizo, spring onions, cilantro, avocado and mole. (There are other sauces you can have this with too). If you’re after real Mexican cuisine – you must have this dish! This authentic dish originating from Mexico City, Mestizo even have the stone bowl flown in from there, captured my heart! My only critique would be to satisfy my love of cheese by adding more! Served with tortillas, this delightful dish fills your stomach with joy!

FullSizeRender (3)


Thank you Mestizo for a great experience 🙂


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