July Favourites

Happy August!! Wow August…how have we surpassed so much of the year already I’ll never know. Does anybody else feel this way? Everyone I’ve spoken to, be it family, friends or work colleagues, all agree that 2017 has flown by so far! But that’s enough about that, today I’m here to talk you guys about JULY! Whilst discussing new additions to the blog, my good friend Shriya had the idea to do monthly favourites! I fell in love with the thought, a usual feature of the beauty world but no reason why it cannot be adapted to the culinary space. So from now on, at the beginning of every month I’ll be doing a monthly favourites piece. (I know you’re as excited as I am…if not more😉). These could be whole restaurants or even certain dishes – there are no limitations. Well, except that I’ll only post about 3-5 things…I don’t want to do a food overload – though as I type this I’m struggling to see the bad side in that….
Anyways, without further ado, I present to you ….JULY FAVOURITES!!

Kaia @ The Ned

Okay so I didn’t actually go to the Ned in July, but as it was June 30th I feel as if I can sneak it in….

First and foremost if you haven’t been to the Ned yet…what are you waiting for?! The Ned was 2016’s hottest opening! Featured in the old Midland Bank, the Ned is a hotel/private members club with multiple bars and restaurants! 9 restaurants to be precise (7 for everyone and 2 for members only). In July(ish), I went to try Kaia, their Pan Asian restaurant.

Favourite dishes included Tuna Tatakai, Chicken Meatballs and Black Cod. The Salmon Poke bowl tasted fresh however the Crispy Prawns left a little to be desired for – the batter seemed too thick and the prawn taste was lost. In addition, the lamb cutlets were too chewy, I would not recommend you order these.


Bob Bob Ricard
A Russian revolution with a variety of dishes for all. A great spot for a group of friends and of course the famous ‘Press For Champagne’ button just adds to the fun! I loved the Lobster Mac & Cheese however a lil extra cheese would not be discouraged! But the star of the show was the Creme Brûlée – this comes flambé to the table and is delicious! A crispy sugar shell with the smoothest filling! A must try if you go! 

Chicken Causas @ Lima Floral

A Peruvian hotspot in the heart of Covent Garden, Lima Floral offers Ceviche and other culinary delights to set your taste buds alight. But my favourite dish of theirs I tried was most definitely their Chicken Causcas. A fried potato blend, topped with slow-cooked organic chicken and avocado – yum!

Tune in next month for more favourites!


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