Roti King – Guest Post

Meeting my friends at the front of the queue was the first blessing on arrival at Roti King, a small basement-Malaysian restaurant in Kings Cross. The queue was long, the restaurant small, the table turnover rate rather slow – I, aka London Munch (@londonmunch), was a lucky one.

The place is small, bright and cosy. It feels familiar – probably ’cause I’ve seen every square inch of it and its food on Instagram. The open kitchen right by the entrance greets you with curried aromas and a roti-making spectacle. It’s bustling inside and there’s an air of fortune amongst the customers, heightened by the sight of the static queue through the window. We were excited…and hungry!

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Pancakes with Lemon Curd Cream Filling and Fresh Raspberries

There’s double excitement with this post today as not only is it the first recipe to feature on Forking Around With Food, it’s also a collaboration!

Introducing… Kina. No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – I’m not talking about myself/misspelt my own name, but instead talented baker and dessert whizz Kina Makanji. Kina is an avid baker who turned her passion into her profession by starting up her own company, Sweet Treats By Kina (@sweettreatsbykina) a couple of years ago.

With Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, Kina has created an original recipe for Forking Around With Food which I have made and hope you will too 🙂

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#atch Waffles

One of life’s greatest mysteries is knowing what came first, the chicken or the egg? Now I don’t know about life but in Soho its definitely the egg.

Nestled in Moor Street is #atch Waffles. No this isn’t a typo, the ‘H’ in Hatch has been substituted for a ‘#’, apart from the symbol’s physical resemblance to the letter, it also earmarks the lines of a traditional Belgian waffle. Not to mention a clever marketing strategy for social media.


#atch serves delicious egg waffles or 鷄蛋仔 (this translates into little eggs from Cantonese) which is a popular street food snack dating back since the 1950s! Traditionally it is served warm and plain in brown paper bags, but at #atch they’ve been elevated to be filled with ice cream and various other treats.

The team behind #atch Waffles, many of whom have roots in Hong Kong, wanted to bring the taste of their home to London. Not only do they love seeing the joy their waffles bring to those who already know of them, they also warmly welcome newcomers and hope to share a little bit Hong Kong with you in the form of a tasty dessert.

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Helloooo February!! Well it’s over a week into February already, however is it just me or did January seem to drag? I think it’s a combination of festive blues, dry Jan (I don’t do this) and the cold. Walking to the station when it’s -3 degrees is not fun at all! But we cannoli do so much to make January that little bit bearable…perhaps something to pasta time away…and that is lots of amazing food!

A couple of weeks back I visited Padella in London Bridge. What started out as a popular pasta stall at Borough market has now turned into a fully fledged restaurant just next door.


Back entrance through Borough Market

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Gyoza Bar

Top four answers…we asked a 100 people to name types of Japanese food…

*Buzzer* …Sushi…

And our survey says….

Okay so this is not Family Fortunes however, my point is that when people think of Japanese food their first thought is always sushi. After that it would be ramen or bao buns. Whilst I absolutely adore all of these, another thing which I love to eat at Japanese Restaurants is gyoza!

Usually served as an appetiser or side dish, gyoza are taking centre stage at Gyoza Bar (GB) in Covent Garden!

With a variety of flavours on offer, freshly prepared and cooked on a grill flown in from Japan (how cool?!) they ooze authenticity and led me to order chicken gyoza yakimono, which is flavoured with garlic vinegar and umami soy, they were delightful.


Chicken gyoza yakimono – Pan fried gyoza, garlic vinegar, umami soy

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Milk Train Cafe

I cone-not contain my excitement as I type out this post!! Firstly, as I’m still pinching myself that I actually started a blog, and secondly because this post is about ice cream! Just talking about ice cream puts a smile on my face! Does this happen to anyone else?!

I love a variety of ice creams as I’m sure many of you do too! But my childhood (who am I kidding, and adulthood) favourite has to be a Mr.Whippy from the ice cream van man! So imagine my excitement when a shop dedicated to soft serve-Mr.Whippy style ice creams opened up!

Milk Train Cafe opened its doors around 6 months ago in Covent Garden, and since then I have been seeing posts about it almost daily on Instagram! So last night, I finally went and let me tell you…it lived up to all its hype.

They have three base flavours of vanilla, matcha and the ‘daily special’, (yesterday’s was salted caramel) and a variety of toppings. From strawberry crunch to sprinkles to Oreo crumbs- the combinations are immense! Continue reading


After the abundant success of Bunga Bunga in Battersea, BungaTINI opened in Covent Garden.

As I stepped into BungaTINI I was greeted by the smell of Italy and the sound of happy eaters. Upstairs had a different kind of atmosphere, with ambient lighting and flowers sprawled across the walls – did someone say date night?

And what’s date night without a gorgeous girl on your arm? Yes, I am talking about their famous cocktail, Sophia Loren. Loaded with Gin and passion fruit, it’s classy and glamorous and definitely one to try.


Sophia Loren – Bombay Sapphire gin, Aperol, Passion fruit juice, Agave syrup, Fresh lime juice and Aperol foam.

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